The Lei Sposa atelier is located in Tolentino, in the city center a stone’s throw from Piazzale Europa and for 15 years it has been the reference point for women who appreciate the elegance and refinement of Made in Italy.
In the atelier you will meet Daniela, stylist and founder of the showroom,
of the laboratory that will guide you in choosing the best dress for you.
You will be helped to dissolve your doubts and you will be shown the collections produced in the past years. You will have the opportunity to touch all the fabrics that the atelier uses and choose with us the one that is most congenial for you.

But the beauty, the charm and above all the fun lies in the opportunity to make your own tailored wedding dress, creating a unique product, without copies and attentive to the smallest details.
It is often difficult to find in the catalogs a dress that you may like and that can give you in all respects. Sometimes preconceptions arise: we happen to feel pleasure in the neckline of a dress, but try more taste on the skirt of another model, or find the dress in line with one’s expectations, but with an inappropriate fabric.

Precisely for this reason at Lei Sposa you will surely find the right dress for you, as the dress is generated from scratch, starting from a test on the cloth and a white sheet on which to put the design of your personalized dress. The cloth test will give us the opportunity to carry out a study of your body and then through skilful cuts we will correct any defects and enhance your strengths.

The dress must do nothing but enhance your qualities, your personality, appearing as a frame that can highlight you. After testing the drape, the most suitable fabric will be decided, the right color tone to enhance your dress. The fabrics used to create the dress are all Made in Italy, of quality and very long-lasting, so that you can keep it as a reminder of a very special day.

Together we will choose the various types of lace and decorations, crucial aspects of the dress that will be chosen with attention to the smallest details. You will be guided, supported and given the right explanations based on your tastes. We will then choose the veil, or a hat or a modern and simple headband.

Once you have chosen everything, we move on to the creation and testing of the dress … What if there should be something that you don’t like when put into practice? No problem, we can change it and add something more suitable! Once the work is finished, we will do a dress rehearsal of that magnificent day you have long awaited and with the dress you have longed for. To create the perfect wedding, with the perfect dress, just call us or fill out the contact request form by clicking on the button below.